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House Sitting Preferences
  • 0 - 1 week
  • Dog(s), Cat(s), Fish, Bird(s), Rabbit(s)/Guinea Pig(s), Reptile(s)
Preferred Locations
  • British Columbia: Vancouver Coast & Mountains, Vancouver Island  
  • NEXT 6 MONTHS    
  • 2024: 18Jul-9Aug

Trauma-informed dogsitting

33, Manager and Career Coach

Hi there! I am a public servant and career coach currently based in Victoria, and I am planning to move to Vancouver in summer 2024.

My motivations:
-Before I find a longer-term rental in Vancouver, I want to housesitting in different neighbourhoods to get a sense of where I want to live.
-I am also trying to save money so that I can buy a condo for my mom to live in.

What I can offer if you select me:
-I can have regular video calls with you as I am sure you will miss your pet(s) when you are away :)
-I can water indoor plants, adding fertilizer, trimming dead leaves
-I am very clean and tidy - in fact, I will probably leave your place cleaner than when you left!
-I strive to be trauma-informed in my professional practice, which I also try to bring to my petsitting style. I would appreciate knowing what your pet's triggers are so that I can meet them where they are at (especially for rescues).
-Picking up mail and organizing them chronologically or by type (e.g., magazines, bills, personal)
-Be respectful of quiet times in your apartment building and maintaining positive relationships with your neighbours

Other things about me:
-I don't smoke/vape or drink alcohol.
-I am an avid reader, cyclist (bikepacking and commuting), enjoying watching movies/tv shows, and have recently gotten into saunas/cold therapy.
-I am passionate about my work as a public servant, my friends/family, and making a positive impact on my community.

Please contact me for link to my LinkedIn profile

Garden Maintenance

Green garden!

Make sure the garden and potted plants are thriving when you get back - get a house sitter.

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