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Most members use our secure, private in-house Message System to communicate with sitters. However, you can also choose to show your phone number to logged-in sitters.

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My house will have no other residents What's this?

It is House Sitters Canada policy that the entire property, which is made available for house-sitting, must be completely vacant of other people for the entire duration. This includes people like housemates, children or the homeowners themselves dropping in for a day visit, overnight or weekend stay etc.

We maintain that the house sitter deserves the right to privacy, especially as many are happy to house-sit for free.

NOTE: If you have other accommodation on the property, which requires caretaker duties from the house-sitter (e.g. AirBNB) this should be stated clearly in your job ad description (see caretaker point below).

My house is made available for free What's this?

House Sitters Canada is a house sitting platform, not a "cheap rental" site. We believe that engaging a house sitter allows the homeowner to go away with real peace of mind; knowing that their house, pets, and garden are looked after - and that providing free accommodation is appropriate in return.

If you intend to charge rent for any part of the house sit, you should not continue to register as a homeowner on our platform.

NOTE: Payment of utilities is a different issue, which should be negotiated between both parties.

All security cameras will be disclosed What's this?

All security cameras (internal and external) must be disclosed and discussed with the house sitter before the sit is confirmed.

Sitters may request that internal cameras be turned off for privacy.

If I require caretaker duties (eg AirBnB) I will provide remuneration What's this?

If you DO need the sitter to perform caretaker duties, you are required to pay them fairly for their work, as this is outside what would be considered normal house sitting practice.

Otherwise you should not continue to register as a homeowner on our platform.

Examples of caretaker duties include maintenance and management for AirBNB, Motels or Farms. It is a requirement that you provide a detailed description of duties along with the relevant payment information in your job ad description (on the next page).

Tasks like caring for domestic pets and simple gardening are NOT considered to be "caretaking duties".

NOTE: If you don't need caretaker duties - just tick the box.

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