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  • Dog(s), Fish, Bird(s), Rabbit(s)/Guinea Pig(s), Chickens/Ducks/Geese, Farm Animals
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  • Anywhere in Canada

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57, Retired

53, Business Owner

Hello 😊

We are pet-loving empty-nester parents of four grown children, aged 24, 22, 20, and 18. We relocated from Toronto to Ottawa in the summer of 2023 to follow through on a goal to own and run a business now that we have retired from decades long careers.

We own a driving school in Ottawa, and have the good fortune of being able to manage the logistics of it remotely, freeing us up for getaways at times.

Two of our sons go to Acadia in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, our daughter goes to McGill in Montreal, and one son is starting at Fleming in Lindsay in September 2024.

Chances to get near any of them for visits and furry friend fixes all-in-one are appealing for us, since student residences and apartments are not welcoming places for parents to stay. If we can find a good opportunities to get near them for visits or to get away to somewhere new and be helpful at the same time, that’s a win win we would be love to explore.

We decided to rent a home in Ottawa 12 while we figure out where we would like to settle permanently in the area. As such, we welcome the chance to explore neighbourhoods in and around Ottawa. We also would enjoy chances to visit our old stomping grounds in and around Toronto. Chances to look after homes and pets for anyone who needs sitters in either of these areas also can be a good fit for us,

We love a win win when we can be helpful to others while we’re on adventures close to home or around the country, especially where we can work it into a visit at the same time with our adult kids or other family and friends anywhere we can get to, whether we’ve been there before or it’s a new place to explore.

We are a family of pet lovers and one of us is also a plant and garden lover (me). We have cared for our own pets and for others that we’ve loved over the years (dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and fish). I grew up, many years ago on a hobby farm in Eastern Ontario so also have childhood experience looking after chickens, cows, pigs, bunnies, and barnyards. I miss the days of collecting eggs and talking to the animals while we fed and watered them and the gardens. I don’t necessarily miss cleaning up after them, but I do it gladly rather than the alternative of letting them live in it. We focus on the reward of the results of healthy clean living for ourselves and the animals we have the joy of being with.

We are hoping our services as house sitters can be helpful to someone who would like to be able to go worry-free for short or extended getaways.

Our grown-up kids also love the chance to look after furry and feathery friends and any pets that need someone while their loving owners cannot be with them, when and if it fits their school schedules.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss. We are sometimes available for as soon as immediately or for planning months ahead.

Best regards to all 💕🐾

Reviews (1)
It was serendipity to find Kathleen and Mike's profile on here. We had their son, Garrett, come to dog sit while we went out west for nearly three weeks. We met with Kathleen and Garrett prior to leaving and managed to get to the dog park for a walk. There was great communication from both Kathleen and Garrett while we were gone. Upon our return we came home to our dog, Nika, being very content and loving her new best friend, Garrett, who had taken her to the dog park regularly and obviously ... MORE
JANET (Ottawa Ontario, Feb 2024 - 2 weeks 4 nights)
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