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  • 2024: 11-21 Jul | 2-23 Sep

The Animal Loveologist

54, Dance Teacher

Hello Pet Parents! I am an animal lover and have been my whole life.
Thank you for taking a moment to learn a little bit about me and my history of loving and caring for animals.
First a few basics: Non-Smoker, no drug use, non drinker and clean driving record. And my party days are over too. My vice is Sugar and cheese!
Fairly recent criminal record done as I teach children dance. Love to travel and meet new people and see how others around the world live. What's in we love our pets!

I do have my own car in the lower mainland and can therefore be with a car depending on how far I'm needing to drive.

Combining my love of animals, love of travel and ability to do so given that the majority of my work is online, led me to House/Pet Sitting.

Thus far I have been house/pet sitting continuously since September 2023. I have looked after a house, numerous cats, dogs and birds.

I can provide additional references for various sits I have already done to anyone who wishes, as I have actually done quite a few already for friends, just not on an official website. I now have history of pet sitting in both Canada and Australia (with good reviews you can check out). And so far, been asked back on all the sits I have done in Canada, as it was clear to the pet owners that their pets had been well taken care of and were happy. Those in Australia knew I could not come back in the near future to again sit, although I have kept in touch to arrange my next trip to coincide with their vacations.

Perhaps though my biggest point of reference would be the fact that I have been a volunteer foster with the SPCA for 3 years. That included specific training for how to lower and prevent stress in animals, through training called "Fear Free Shelters". During my foster years, I have fostered 7 different cats, from kittens, to an over weight cat who needed special care and a cat who had a leg amputated due to a fall, and required care right from surgery through full rehabilitation (see photo).

I have experience administering insulin, asthma medication and oral medications with both fosters and pet sits. I take the routine necessary very seriously and have the ability to arrange my days to be sure I am available when feeding/medications are needed.

I grew up with a dog, numerous cats and even a rabbit! At one point I thought I wanted to be a vet but realized all I really wanted was to cuddle and love animals. So I claimed at 13 I would be an “animal loveologist” …simply go around loving animals. I actually began my house/pet sitter career at age 12, when I made business cards and distributed throughout the growing neighbourhood! And for the 2 years I had a paper route, I was friends with every dog and cat along the route.

Basically my love is genuine and if you are a pet owner you get it, and know that leaving your pet in a kennel, outside of the familiar surroundings of their home is not an ideal situation if it can be avoided.

I do not just have a history being around many pets, mine and others in various house sits, I have also couch surfed all over the world; meaning that people trust me in their homes. I have been both a home owner and business owner, so I completely respect someone's space that they are invested in and will treat it as my own while there.

I believe in leaving a place better than I found it and will be sure you come home to a lovely tidy and clean home.

I would love to meet your pet, and enter into the wonderful bond of giving and receiving love and affection.

Thank you for taking time to consider me. I'm happy to have a zoom call and see if the vibe is right for me to be your chosen "pet aunt".

Please enjoy the photos:
They are all of animals I have either done a pet sit for or a foster.

Reviews (8)
One of my cats was recently diagnosed w/ diabetes & needs daily insulin shots. I was very nervous abt leaving him when he was still ill & recovering. Mariah-Jane learned how to give him his shot without problems. She communicated with me regularly & we were even able to coordinate litter delivery mid-trip. I never worried about either cat. When I returned both cats looked better than when I left. The one with diabetes had regained weight & was more energetic than before. They were so ... MORE
SHILO (Vancouver British Columbia, May 2024 - 1 week 3 nights - 1 of 2 endorsements from this owner )
Mariah Jane really helped us out and our furr-baby, Simba. This was our first time using such a service, and it was a huge success all around! Simba is older now, so Mariah Jane helped maintain his daily insulin injections to monitor his diabetes. (This helped save us beaucoup de money, by not boarding him at the vet too!) She was a delight to chat with from the start, and very willing and able to make connections happen while we were lining up our care plans. While we were away, ... MORE
LIZA ( British Columbia, May 2024 - 2 weeks 4 nights)
This was our first house sit experience and we could not be more grateful for Mariah-Jane. To know our beloved pet was taken care of was a huge relief. She left the house spotless and responded quickly to all communication. Our cat Tilly hopes to have her return.
ANDREA ( British Columbia, Apr 2024 - 6 nights)
Mariah is a wonderful pet and home sitter. I left my pets ( two dogs and two cats) with her and she cared for them with love and kindness. In addition she kept my plants (indoor and outdoor) watered during our 3 week absence. I came home to a spotless house and very contented pets who, I suspect, felt that she had treated them far better than I do! Thank you Mariah for your professionalism and help. I highly recommend Mariah...
ELAINE (Yugar QLD, Feb 2024 - 3 weeks) From Aussie House Sitters
Mariah was a fabuloushouse sitter. She looked after the large collection of finches , pool and Beau my energetic, mischievous dog during a very hot and wet summer . I would highly recommend Mariah .
KAREN (Holland Park West QLD, Jan 2024 - 5 nights) From Aussie House Sitters
Wonderful experience! Mariah Jane is very warm and friendly. She took excellent care of our dog Lordie and our cat Kitty. I've already asked if she will sit again for future trips. My pets were very happy when we came back! Their food and place was clean. We could not ask for a better sitter to trust our pets :)
ALMA (Coquitlam North British Columbia, Jan 2024 - 4 nights)
Mariah-Jane was a fantastic sitter - took fabulous care of our dog Lenny and left our home in pristine condition - I wouldn’t hesitate to have her back for a sit again - highlight recommend!
SARAH ( British Columbia, Dec 2023 - 3 weeks)
Wonderful experience. She was thorough, warm and friendly. She took excellent care of my two cats and took the time to get to know and win over each cat. I've already asked if she will sit again for future trips. Very easy to reach and work with. My apartment looked great when I returned and my cats were happy and healthy. Couldn't ask for a better experience.
SHILO ( British Columbia, Nov 2023 - 1 week - 2 of 2 endorsements from this owner )
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