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  • 14 Jun 2020* - 19 Jun 2020* (*Approx)
  • 5 days
What we need
  • Dogs (4), Cats (5), Fish (5), Rabbits/Guinea Pigs (5), Chickens/Ducks/Geese (10+), Farm Animals (10+)
  • Average
Sit Features
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
House & Location
  • Farm House
  • Internet, Wifi, Netflix, Garage/Carport, Heater, Dishwasher
  • Country (Nature, Quiet)

We need a house sitter

Central, Edmonton & Rockies - Camrose



We are looking for someone or a couple that is interested in taking care of our little 9 acre funny farm. Our 9 acre home is located an hour east of Edmonton and about 25 minutes from a town with all your main amenities (Walmart, Canadian Tire, Grocery Store, Swimming Pool etc)

Garden will be freshly planted at this time of year so there will be no garden care needed just perhaps some mowing for the front lawn which we have a riding mower for.

We have 4 larger dogs each with their own very unique personalities and lots of energy. They are allowed to run in their fields so they don't require daily walks though they do love a good game of catch in the field and love to go on hikes if you're up for it! Or if you'd rather just get tons of puppy cuddles one or all of them are always up for that to! Outside we have a handful of miniature and grazing pigs along with a handful of miniature goats, 3 alpacas that will come running to meet you if they see the treat bucket. Geese, and some barn cats. Ducks and chickens also live here and will provide eggs daily that you are welcome to enjoy!

Our house is a heritage home with all your normal amenities. We also have a wood fire place on the main floor for any cool evenings. Outside there are several fire pits, large gardens, tons of open grassy lawns and finishing off with a wooded area in the back to wander through. With no neighbors for several miles it is fairly quite with big open skies to enjoy the stars.

If you'd like a peak into living on a modern homestead in the spring shoot me a message! I would love to hear about you!

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