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  • 30 Sep 2019* - 30 Nov 2019* (*Approx)
  • 2 months
What we need
  • Cats (1)
  • No
Sit Features
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
House & Location
  • House
  • Internet, Wifi, Netflix, BBQ, Air conditioner
  • Country, Bush/Forest, River/Lake (Sport, Nature, Quiet, Historical)
  • Supermarket, Gym/Yoga, Restaurants/Cafes, Parks, Beach, Fishing/Boating

We need a house sitter

Western - York


My name is Heather but my friends tend to call me Feather!
I am looking for a house sitter that doesn't mind cats and adventure. I am located in southwest New Brunswick and will be going back to my hometown of Vancouver to help my elderly father and to basically get away for a bit. My dates are a bit flexible but i'm looking to leave September sometime and be gone a couple to 3 months- all depending on if I can find the perfect house sitter that will love my 2 cats as much as I do..

1st cat - she's awesome-a tad bi-polar and completely addicted to eating food. I have to use what little psychology and slight of hand techniques that I know in order to stop her some days. Both her and I have gotten fat since moving from the west to the east and I'm trying to turn that around for her with special foods and chasing her around the house..:) She's adorable, cuddly, bitchy and quite the sweetheart- you'd love her. She's 7 years old going on 50. She's a protector and healer of sorts- as cats go. She doesn't bite or do anything weird, but she's lazy as all get out , her name is Mau-Mau ( kind of like meow-mew said really fast)..:)

Our second cat is Tilly ( or Tilly-Marie if your mad at her for not coming home in the summer), she's 3 years old and loves to cuddle on her own terms, Mau-Mau hates her and still after all this time hasn't adjusted to her not being the only one in the house and seems to be quite upset when Tilly gets hugs.

Tilly was a rescue and born in a ditch on the side of the road so she's got that real wild child still within her and during the summer the bugger has stayed out for up to a week- i usually go around at the 3 day mark yelling Tilly-Marie loudly- the neighbours will chime in because they know her now lol...I don't get too panicky unless its at the 5 day mark and then just as I resign myself to her never coming home again-she shows up.

Ive got a gps collar (shes really going to hate )for her that I will be using this summer tho because god only knows wtf she is and Im tired of the panicking lol -shes not fat at all tho-Mau-Mau usually steals her food and is 100% a food bully so I have to watch that and often isolate Tilly for feeding times-Tilly loves to terrorize, torture and eat small defenceless chipmunks and I'm constantly saving them from her death jaws because #chipmunklivesmatter ha ha
They are both Tuxedo cats and both fixed-just 1 is skinny and 1 is fat :)

I live in a small village that is boring and prides itself on the historic train station that once ran the community- its basically a ghost town now but for the avid outdoors man its great. Its also a 30 min drive to the ocean and 5 minute drive to many lakes and rivers and that's also awesome. There's about 1000 villagers here and most are super friendly and very helpful and will welcome you in and help with anything that's needed.
I'll set you up with a few instant friends so you don't feel all alone here!
It is also only a 30 minute drive to the world famous St. Andrews By The Sea- a 2 hour drive to the also famous Hopewell rocks, Magnetic Hill, Fundy National Park and much much more of all the tourist amenities that you could want!

I'm not sure where you are coming from or where you usually lay your hat but I am just a 3 minute drive also to the Vanceboro, Maine border crossing so if you are a US citizen then its easy to go back and forth for your needs.

My home is a home that I bought for a reasonable price and it's still in process of being fixed up as I get the money to do so, so I need to find someone that doesn't mind living in a bit of un-done-ness ( not a word I know). I will be doing a lot this summer to it so you would receive it about 3/4 done and its very livable-just not what my standards are happy with.
All in all, its a very quiet and nice life here as long as you are comfortable in the quiet.
I'm super casual so your aren't responsible for anything other than the cats and activities of daily life ie: garbage, cleaning up after yourself etc.
I have a lawn care guy and so that is no bother for you.
If you fly in then i will leave a vehicle here for you to use as long as you have a valid DL all is fine there as far as insurance.
I'm willing to pay for your travel to our home if needed( within reason) along with a small remuneration for your time here.

Mau-Mau, Tilly and I look forward to hearing from you!
Ps..more pictures to come!

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