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the perfect carer with experience

66, self-employed

Bonjour, First, has you will see, my mother tongue is French but, living in Ontario for few years, everybody was saying my English was very good. So! this being said, while I was in Ontario, I was doing house and pet sitting and loved it; I decided to offer my services here in Quebec. At 66 years hold, I am a responsible person, and I continue working as a self-employed where I work in funeral as a funeral director for this specific customer of mine, because before taking my retirement I was working as a funeral counselor and funeral director, but now I am slowly detaching from that business because I think I gave a lot and being a very tough business, I am taking my distance which mean I have some time to give in house and pet sitting. Coming back to my stay in Ontario during a winter, I was taking care of a house (living at their house) of very nice people that were spending their winter in new-Zeeland. They wanted someone to check on their mold problem and also having someone there so it looked there was somebody living there, I was making sure the snow was removed, the mail was picked up and that their plants were taking care of (which is one of my passions (at home, I have 32 plants all over my house). Their house was a very big house (7000 scare feet on the Huron lake in the beautiful Georgian bay where I also had a house. I also had another customer that had a house in Big Bay that became my neighbors later because I bought the house write next to them. I took care of their house for one fall and the winter, making sure it looked like there was somebody living there, removing the snow and that the heating was working properly and when there were coming for a week-end once and a while, I would warm up the house so it is comfortable when they come in. I had another customer that was the real estate broker which I bought my house from. She had 2 lovely big dogs (Labradors) and a cat and when she needed to go out of town, I would sleep over so I can be there for the little family; nice souvenirs. these 2 big dogs needed a lot of exercises, so I would put them in the car and go to this specific place where they could run like crazy. Personally, I always had dog and cats and if I could, I would have a horse (another passion of mine), So for sure, I am the man you need to take care of your house and pets; They will be in good hands. Of course, I have references for you.

Have a geat day and talk to you soon.

Christian Poirier

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