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  • 2 - 4 weeks, 1 - 2 months, 2 months +
  • Dog(s), Cat(s), Fish, Bird(s), Rabbit(s)/Guinea Pig(s), Chickens/Ducks/Geese, Reptile(s)
Preferred Locations
  • Alberta: Central, Edmonton & Rockies, South & Calgary   British Columbia: Kootenay Rockies, Thompson Okanagan, Vancouver Coast & Mountains, Vancouver Island  

nickname: Hermes

65, writer

In brief: I like caring for animals but as I travel a lot I cannot enjoy them long-term! Ideally, I like to eat my lunch with a bird on my shoulder and to sleep with cats and pot-bellied pigs. I love to do *light* gardening.

I grew up in Burnaby, BC, living much of my adult life in Vancouver. I worked in Calgary and Saskatoon as well. South-east Asia is my second home. I have lived and worked/done business in five Asian countries, including Japan and China.

In detail: For decades in Vancouver I operated a home service business for home owners typically over 60. Now, my responsibility is to provide peace of mind and practical home support while home and creatures great and small are away. All your treasures, plants and pets need to be protected. You want to call me every week to check in - no problem. You need that precious plant put into the shower every three days (not every week, not daily, and not if it's flowering)? Consider it done. I walk or cycle at least an hour every day and am happy to take your dog along for as long as you want. I do the dishes several times per day, not just the day before you come home! Count on me.

Do I like pets?: I love big dogs (playing catch and roughhousing). I like cats too, especially in groups. But birds (parrots, chickens, budgies...) are really my thing. As a youth I worked in a veterinary hospital (until I learned what was their primary money-maker - euthanasia)

Do I like to garden?: Yes, for the last three seasons I grew culinary, aromatic and medicinal plants (primarily mints and artemesias) on my patio.


Drive: Yes
Car: No
Smoker: No
Drinker: No
Family: No
Partner: No
Guests: No
Health: Very good
Passport: Current
Sexuality: Straight (gay-friendly)
Citizenship: Canadian
Language: English
Religion: Buddhist
Diet: Vegetarian
Education: 2.5 years Asian Studies

References: Yes. I worked for two high-worth individuals, as a Location and Talent Scout then Producer, for the one from Zurich, Switzerland; and as a personal assistant for the one from Sacramento, California. For the latter, I also house-sat while he went to Mexico. I will be called on to house-sit the former's 300-year-old property in Menorca, Spain. My present long-term landlord-roommate in Canada, a manager of his family business, is happy to also recommend me.

Continent schedule: In future years, I will be spending half the year (beginning Oct->end March) in Asia, then house-sitting in southern Alberta only (April->Sept'ish). Everything is topsy-turvy now.

Business: Part-time - I am developing an online newsletter for expatriates, being the primary writer.

Life experience: Veterinary assistant, small business operator, ESL teacher, family care-giver, videographer, salesman, window cleaner, editor, reporter

Hobbies: Travelling, cooking, reading, swimming, hiking

Motivation: So, why am I doing this? After all, there's no money in it and I do have a very comfortable room in Tri-Cities (a sweet deal with a perfect landlord). The simple answer: I am enthusiastic to build a reputation as an excellent house/pet sitter, so that when I return from Asia every spring I can avoid the high price of rents in the Lower Mainland, by doing one or two multiple-month gigs in Alberta! And since I am so familiar with Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam etc I might as well do the same when I am in Asia. As much as I like all animals, primarily this is a 'snowbird' strategy.

Reviews (1)
Chris was a great house sitter who went beyond our expectations. He took great care of our young kitty Nala and made sure all her needs were met. He also was very communicative and updated us daily on how she was doing and brought forward any concerns. Chris was very honest and forthcoming on potential issues (like when we left some berries he made sure to inform us and then graciously toss them when they went bad). He even cleaned and tidied our place before our return and made sure the plants ... MORE
ANGIE ( British Columbia, Jul 2020 - 3 days)
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