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  • 2 months +
  • Dog(s), Cat(s), Fish, Bird(s), Chickens/Ducks/Geese
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  • Ontario: National Capital - Ottawa

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72, Retired Writer and Home Health Aide

Hi! I'm a retired professional IT manual writer. I love animals and have always had pets, primarily dogs and cats. At the moment, I am without any pets. My black lab mix, Cleo, went to the rainbow bridge a year ago. She was 14 years old, and I really miss her. I can walk smaller dogs, but can't walk larger dogs that pull anymore.

I have had several cats over the course of my life. Most were strays that I adopted. I have been dog and chicken sitting for my daughter this past summer. Her twelve-year-dog, Oscar, is a poodle and bichon frise mix.

I am mature and reliable. I will administer medications, as required, provide feedings on time, and follow your schedule, as directed. I keep a chart for medications by date and time of day for each required dose, to ensure that doses aren't missed.

For several years before retiring, I worked as a Home Health Aide, taking care of seniors. I use the same method to track pet meds as is done for seniors. Also, I will make sure fresh water is provided regularly. I am always checking the level of water bowls.

I provide lots of petting, play, and snuggle time for your fur babies. I will keep your home clean and tidy, water your plants just the right amount, and perform any other tasks required, but can't shovel snow.

I have an Ontario driver's license, but don't have a car right now, so it would be best if my clients live near a bus route.

I am looking for longer-term pet care and house sitting positions. Thanks for viewing my profile.

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With a house sitter looking after your pets, house and garden - you can really relax. Happy days.

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