Montréal, Québec

The predominantly French-speaking city of Montréal has been popularly recognised in surveys as one of the coolest places, in the world, to live - and therefore, to house sit.

The city is bursting with landmarks, museums, nightclubs, and shopping districts. It has a rich culture influenced by both the French and the English. Vieux-Montreal, or Old Montréal, gives a glimpse of the vibrant history of the city with its Victorian buildings that house souvenir shops and humble museums. At night, bars and clubs light up this area after sunset.

A former Olympic bike-racing stadium is now the home of the Montréal Biodome. The establishment is divided into different ecological settings; polar, tropical rainforest, St. Lawrence marine, and Laurentian. When you walk around inside, you’ll notice the changes in temperature and types of animals around you.

House sitting and pet sitting in Montreal, Quebec

The fabulous La Ronde amusement park accommodates visitors and tourists of any age. Because new attractions are built from time to time, return visits are always worthwhile. The rides vary from the child-friendly Le Galopant carousel to the adrenaline-pumping roller coasters.

L’International de Feux d’Artifice, a fireworks event where different countries compete, is held once every two weeks in the month of July.

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A popular neighbourhood is the Downtown area of Montréal. The place is filled with bars, restaurants, strip clubs, arcades and other forms of entertainment. It also hosts many summer festivals in Montreal.

Underneath the Downtown area is Montréal’s Underground City, which is not really a city but a network of tunnels that link different places all over Downtown.

Vieux-Montréal has kept its architectural heritage preserved but repurposed the old structures into modern shops, galleries, hotels, and other establishments. The atmosphere in this place is more relaxed compared to Downtown but offers equally fantastic amenities.

The Plateau Mont-Royal is another important area, where many Montréalers eat, shop, play and enjoy life. The Plateau is culturally diverse and every wave of immigration only adds to the dynamic identity of the neighborhood.


Montréal is a busy, bustling metropolis, with so much to offer residents and tourists. And the best way to experience Montreal is to House Sit - you get to live locally in one of the world's great cities for free.



*FREE: House sitting is usually free, for both sitter and house owner, although this is completely up to the individuals. There are usually some costs that need to be covered by either the sitter or the house owner e.g. electricity, phone usage, vet fees etc. How these costs are handled needs to be agreed before the sit begins. House sitters pay a single annual membership fee, while house owners pay nothing to advertise their house or to contact sitters.